What is Coaching?

What is Beachbody Coaching?

Let’s start with WHO is Team Beachbody…

Team Beachbody is the #1 at Home Fitness Company in America. We are the creators of the most popular fitness programs on the market such as P90X, Insanity, T25, BodyBeast, TurboJam, Slim in 6, Hip Hop Abs, the brand new 21 Day Fix and the popular meal replacement shake, Shakeology.

Our job as a Team Beachbody coach is to help support and motivate others to lose weight, get in shape and live a healthier lifestyle. Our overall mission is to help as many people as possible join the Beachbody Challenge and help end the trend of obesity starting in the United States and Canada. We focus on losing weight the HEALTHY way. We do not offer any ‘quick fixes’ or weight loss schemes.

You may have seen some of our products featured on the news in the media, in magazines, on talk shows, used by celeb’s, etc.

Coaching Basics:

  • You get 25% commissions on any sales from your site whether you’ve ever bought or sold anything or not;
  • No pressure to make sales or increase to a rank… If you WANT to work it great, if not or not right now, that’s cool too… enjoy the discounts!
  • Team Cycle Bonus, paid weekly, if and when you decide to build a team;
  • You get 25% discounts on all products and programs
  • You get first access to all new products and programs
  • You get free trainings, webinars, conference calls you can attend, if you want to learn to be successful;
  • I’d be your mentor, any questions/struggles you have, I’m here to help!
  • Never any stocking of products, or shipping products, or dealing with customer service issues;
  • No need to host home parties (unless you want to, but it’s not necessary);
  • You will have a HUGE support system from other coaches online!! You will feel like you have a whole new family! (And you will)
  • Startup cost is just $39.95 followed by $15.95 a month to cover your website fees
  • You can also get that $39 fee waived if you sign up as a coach with a challenge pack OR if you or your spouse is active military then that fee is waived! (I can explain those options in more depth as well).
  • There are incentive programs to get customers assigned to you!
  • You get paid on a weekly basis, every Thursday morning!
  • You can cancel at any time… no obligation to stay in or penalty fees if you cancel or anything like that;

Most popular questions asked about the Coaching Opportunity:

Q: Do I have to have a background in business or have previous experience in sales to be Successful?
A: 100% NO!!!!! That is a whole one hundred percent NO! As coaches we are just regular people who want to be happy and healthy. We are actively using the home fitness programs and drinking Shakeology daily and we SHARE that with our friends and our family and go from there. Sharing how we feel. Sharing how it’s affecting our life. Sharing how we are benefitting from it. We are fortunate enough to be coaches working for the #1 Home Health and Fitness Company out there right now. SO WE CAN’T HELP BUT SHARE! Being a part of our team you will be fully trained so you can understand how this business works and understand the income growth potential.

Q: Do I need to be at my goal weight or know about health and fitness?
A: Absolutely NOT, I was nowhere near my goal when I became a coach, actually I think it’s easier when you aren’t people love following someone who is still on their journey, heck look at me now, I’m still not at my goal.  It’s a process you just need to want to get better, not be there already…

Q: Is Beachbody a ‘Pyramid Scheme’?
A: That’s actually what I thought when I was thinking about joining this business. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Want to know why and how?

  • Absolutely ZERO inventory on hand. Never buy anything to distribute. I don’t have a garage full of products. Zero bulls*** parties where people feel obligated to order something.
  • Absolutely ZERO monthly quota. My son is a coach JUST for the 25% discount. I don’t even think he knows how to log on, he just tells me when he wants me to order his shake for him.
  • Pyramid Schemes are actually ILLEGAL!
  • You can earn more money than anyone and who joined before you. Your success has nothing to do with when you join. It has to do with what you do about it.  In a Pyramid scheme you will NEVER earn more than the person above you NEVER…

It’s funny that still in this day and age it is socially acceptable to invest HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars to open up a restaurant or a business, to spend thousands on school, with ZERO income guarantees, working years for the man, hoping to get a raise but people frown when others try to do something for themselves that can open up the doors to giving them the FREEDOM of giving themselves a raise EVERY WEEK!!!

If this sounds like something YOU might be interested in, contact me and let’s talk!